Antico Dipinto Raffigurante Fattoria Bramasole

Agriturismo Bramasole & Ginestra
Tuscany - Pisa

Agriturismo 3 Spighe Massimo Riconscimento Regione Toscana
Highest recognition
of the Region Tuscany

Agriturismo con Marchio di Qualità
Seal of Quality
vetro artistico

Art Courses (see also: natural walks and learning center )

The agritourism Bramasole organises art courses together with the art school of a local artist - Anna Maria. The lessons can be attended in the workshops of the art school which is in the medieval village of Montopoli and one kilometers from the farm.

So while in holiday our visitors can get the chance of learning some arts attending one or more weekly classes at special prices.

- Stained glass
- Tiffany
- Collage glass windows
- Marble and glass paste mosaics
- Furnishing accessories
- Indorr planning
- Sacred Art

The artist has been working glass and creating mosaics for more than 20 years now. She creates pieces for architects, private customers and building societies.

After a long experience in Rome, now the actual activity of the Associazione Culturale Arte e Mestieri is completely carried out in Montopoli Valdarno, in a XVII Century structure.
The Courses are basically theoretical and practical lessons on various materials such as glass, clay, marble, paper, etc..

The introduction of ancient arts in the daily life to renew the mostly limited and repetitive craftsmanship is the philosophy that inspires the courses of this ten-year experienced school. Moreover, it's a new discovery of the enjoyment of the beautiful things by seeing, touching, using them. It can be seen in the apprentices' works, as they get pleasure in approaching art and develope their own way to observe and express themselves.

The art courses will teach you the basic knowledge to create your own pieces (of art) and are organised in:

1) Long term courses based on weekly lessons

2) Short term couses - special full immension courses organised specifically for Italian and/or foreign visitors.

Prices and lessons can be organised and agreed in advance by email (Damiano o Riccardo)

vetro artistico

arte sacra